Hallows Extravaganza Event 2023 [ENDED]

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Hallows Extravaganza Event 2023

Bring On The Carnival Questline Conclusion, and The Carnival Is Here!

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Click this to read a previous year's comic for a small lore snippet!  ------->


The worship of the Abyssals and Havens has subsided greatly over the years, and the celebrations of tasty treats and dances have changed and grown outside of their original purpose. Hallows Month still involves enjoying the sharing of treats, but dancing and dressing have been traded for more games of play. Everyone is here to share the stories of old, bask in the changing of the season, and have some good old fun!

General Event Guidelines & Information:

  • This event is being hosted on both the Isomara Island Site & on DeviantArt
  • Must be a member of the Isomara Island group to participate on DeviantArt
  • Must have an account/ be an Early Access supporter to participate on isomaraisland.com
  • Art / Literature cannot be used on both the Site and DA for double the rewards. If any entry is submitted twice, rewards will only be rewarded once.
  • You may use any Isomara you own, an NPC, or Deus in any activity, game, or prompt
  • Art must be full body (at least 75% of the character showing)
  • Art must be colored
  • Literature needs to be at least 400 words in length

Activity #1 - Trick or Treat

Carmen & Frio have made a lot of mochi and hidden the treats for the isolings to find. This information spread, so now everyone is on the hunt for mochi. 
There are five unique fruit-filled mochi and five normal mochi to find across the site. Finding one will give a clue to another.

Activity #1 Ends: 31 October 2023, 23:59:59 MST (UTC-07:00)

Activity #2 - Apple Bobbing

Try your skill at bobbing for apples. 

Daily stamina has increased to 5 during this event. Players can use that stamina to bob for apples to receive mochi. Stamina remains shared between the Tide Pools, Queen's Cache, and Apple Bobbing.

Apple Bobbing Prompt:
   Submit a prompt with art about bobbing for apples to receive more rewards (no daily limit!)
     Prompt Rewards - x1 Item + x3 Mochi (currency)
     Submit Prompt Here


Activity #1 Ends: 31 October 2023, 23:59:59 MST (UTC-07:00)

Shop - Treat Trade-In

Stop by and trade the mochi you earned during the Hallows Event for sweet goodies such as hand-crafted fruit daifuku, legendary finds, charms, and mystery candy!

Some items have a maximum buy limit per person:

  • Maximum 1 Queen's Conch per person
  • Maximum 1 Wish in a Bottle per person
  • Maximum 3 Mystery Candy per person
  • Maximum 5 Ultra Mystery Candy per person
  • Maximum 5 Sand Dollars per person

Shop Closes: 5th November 2023, 23:59:59 MST (UTC-07:00)

Activity #3 - Bring on the Carnival! (Questline)

Part 1: Winds Brew Wildness

     While windy weather alone won't stop Thyme and the rest of the crew from setting up a carnival, a thunderstorm will. Strange enough, no one has seen any lightning or rainfall, but signs of bolt strikes are present on the grounds, and the wooden stalls and decorations keep being knocked over even though they are wind-proof. 
     Thyme stands around a circle of other Isomara.
     "We need recruits to scout and watch over the grounds and surrounding area at night. I'm not letting another year slip by without a carnival! Get anyone you can to investigate the lightning marks and keep an eye on the weather." Commands Thyme.

     Draw/ Write about investigating the mysterious lightning strike marks and/or watching over the carnival grounds. Keep an eye out for anything bizarre and out of sorts.

Part 2: Swirling Winds & Strange Howls 

     Many Isomara showed up to volunteer in the investigation. Some kept an eye from the sky, while others scoured the grounds for clues. Thyme gathers everyone back into the center of the under-construction carnival. "Thanks to everyone's efforts and assistance, we might have a lead on the strange lightning strikes causing the carnival plans to stall." His words were stern, and the Isomara around him showed excitement at what they had just heard. 

     "While no lightning was seen in the last few nights, one duo of Isomara and their companions reported hearing howling in the area. The howling was mentioned to be louder during nights of strong winds." Murmurs around the circle commenced. Some could be heard.

'Well, of course, howling is heard during the wind. This is what wind does!' shouted one Isomara. 

'I bet it was one of us here just fooling around.' said an older Isomara with a scoff.

     Thymes ears twitched upon hearing these sudden spoken thoughts and added, "No matter the cause, we will find it. I will keep a closer eye on things the next couple of days, even... if it means losing my beauty sleep." His voice got quieter as he said that, almost as if he regretted making the self-promise as soon as the words left his mouth. He gulps in some air and returns to his previous composure. "Some animals might be making a ruckus during these windy nights. We will set up the stalls again, as well as some traps. Can all of you help us gather the materials to rebuild the broken stalls and also help in laying the traps?"

This part has two solutions. You may pick either one:

    1. Supply x5 Wood or Driftwood (Can be a combination), x13 Sticks, x1 Cloth or Fabric, x1 Simple Dye, x2 String or Vines (Can be a combination), and x18 Rocks
    2. Include a drawing or story about setting traps or helping build the carnival game booths/ stalls. It must also include Thyme.
  • Submit Part 2 Prompt Here
    • You can either submit art/lit or supply the exact amount of materials.
    • If supplying the materials when submitting the prompt under comments, mention that or add all the items listed above in the Add-Ons section.
Part 3: Ferocious Friction

     As everyone returned to the campground that following morning, only a few things were noticed to have been knocked over. Whimpering accompanied by tiny howls is heard coming from a triggered trap. The wooden trap laid out last night was now covered in stray foliage and a fallen sheet. As you approach, you notice marks of lightning strikes on the ground, making their way back to the center of the trap's location. You and the other crowding proceed closer with more caution.

     "Let me help. If it's a wild predator, you could be in danger." Thyme states with a paw, separating you and the trap. Having an experienced tamer reassures you. 

     Thyme gently removes the debris of leaves, sticks, and other plant matter. Then you grab one side of the sheet, and Thyme grips the other. You toss the sheet to the side, letting the light wind carry it a few paws length away. In the trap is a tiny young critter. Hunched, cowering in the wooden cage's center, was the creator of the howls. A four-legged furry critter with dark fur. It stops howling for a second and begins to shake uncontrollably. Its fur was starting to lift from the building friction until suddenly! <a href=


     The built-up static released itself outward and into the ground, leaving a darkened mark upon the earth. Thyme, yourself, and the others are lightly shocked enough to startle and back up. 

  Draw/ Write about calming the creature down. Is there something you can say or give to it? Please keep it in the trap/cage, though. We wouldn't want it to attack anyone out of fear.

Part 4: A Baby Bahrū [Questline Conclusion]

     "Whoo. That lil guy sure gave us a startle. Must have gotten lost or chased out of the forest by a memic. It's a bahrū, probably no older than three new moons. I'm impressed you got it to calm down." Thyme begins to look at the critter and think.

     "I've never tamed one, so you should consider taking it. I've got my claws full with the other critters at the tavern anyway." he flips his hair with a smirk. "Of course, I need to take it with me for now and get it checked out. Make sure it's healthy. Come to my tavern later to pick them up, alright?"

With that, Thyme claps his paws and ushers everyone to start setting up the carnival again while he and another couple Isomara, take the caged critter to the Taming Tavern.


With that, the Hallows Carnival is up and running. There are various games of skill and luck to play.

Bahrū are now available to purchase at Thyme's Taming Tavern. There is a limit of 1 purchase per user. Those with an Ally Adoption Slip can adopt the Bahru free of charge.



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