Winds Brew Wildness [Part 1]

Category: Limited Time
Ends: 31 October 2023, 23:59:59 MST (1 month ago)

Bring on the Carnival Questline Part 1 - Winds Brew Wildness


While windy weather alone won't stop Thyme and the rest of the crew from setting up a carnival, a thunderstorm will. Strange enough, no one has seen any lightning or rainfall, but signs of bolt strikes are present on the grounds, and the wooden stalls and decorations keep being knocked over even though they are wind-proof.
Thyme stands around a circle of other Isomara.
"We need recruits to scout and watch over the grounds and surrounding area at night. I'm not letting another year slip by without a carnival! Get anyone you can to investigate the lightning marks and keep an eye on the weather." Commands Thyme.
Draw/ Write about investigating the mysterious lightning strike marks and/or watching over the carnival grounds. Keep an eye out for anything bizarre and out of sorts.


Currency & Item Rewards
Reward Amount
Mochi 3
Seashells 50

Stat & Class Rewards
0 character EXP
3 character points
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