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Antenna: Thin long appendages which appear on a Goom's head. They always come in a pair. Anthro: A term for an Isomara who walks on it's back feet for the majority of its life. They are also referred to as bipedal Isomara or Bipeds. ARPG: An acronym for Art Role Play Game. ARPGs allow you to take the role as a character(s) and play as those characters by acting out their life through activities, events, and general daily task through art and literature. C -  Carmen's Fabrication Station: Carmen creates and helps Isomara make accessories such as backpacks, clothes, and other wearable objects out of anything able to be found on the island. She can't however, change the shape of ores and metals. Civilizations: An area which many Isomara group together and choose to live in a community. Companion: Any creature that is willing to befriend an Isomara and helps each other thrive. Gooms are an example of a companion.  which will later result in two Isomaras bondingCourtship: The act of a egg. D - Darwin's Delivery Service: A mail service run by Darwin, who offers to take and deliver items and currency to other Isomara all across the island. Daycare: Run by Carmen and Frio. They daycare takes in Isolings and Eggs and provides shelter & food. Here they take care of them till they hatch, get adopted or grow up.       - Picture by Cocopet2  and sell them to the highest bidder, or hoard them for dragon fruitsDragon Fruit: A legendary fruit with a taste that no Isomara can resist. Due to their high demand, many Isomara will seek out safe keeping until only necessary.  There is a legend of an Isomara that once ate 49 of these in their lifetime and was able to ascend beyond mortality. This Isomara is said to live high above the clouds and chooses to live a life of solitude as it waits for another to join them in the heavens and become their eternal mate.  DTA: A DTA or Draw-to-Adopt is an alternate way to adopt a design. Instead of paying money you draw for a chance to adopt it. Out of all the entries one will be chosen to win the character. Dyed Whites: This special trait is when an Isomara appears to have color on the white parts of its fur. An Isomara's mane, wings, ear fluff, and underside of certain tails are always white unless they have this special mutation. Isomara can be born with this trait or sometimes 'earn' this trait. Ones born with this are not offenders or exiled, but are treated with distance by others in most cases. E -  Exile: Isomara who have Dyed Whites but were not born with this trait were shamed by others, for doing something against their own kind. Other Isomara will kidnap the offender in their sleep and dye their mane, wings, and other areas to show they are outcasts. These Isomara are then exiled. Exiled Isomara are forced to live on their own in harsher environments. Exploration:  The function of searching the island for items. By exploring a biome, you find items which you can use to better your Isomara's life (and your experience in the ARPG).  F -  Fauna: The animals/ wildlife that inhabit the island which Isomara also live on.  Feral IsomaraFeral: The type of stance an Isomara can grow up to have. are Isomara who walk on all fours. Another term for them is a quadruped. Filoplumes: Long hair like feathers. Filoplumes emerge near the rump on the Isomara. One on each side of an Isomara's tail. Fluff Cuffs: Long puffy fur that will sometimes grow from the ankles and/or wrists of an Isomara. Fluff cuff fur is the same type of fur that makes up an Isomara's mane.  Large winged IsomaraFlyer: Isomara who grow up to have large wings. are labeled flyers as they are more adept to the skies. Full: A word to describe a well fed Isomara. Being in a state of fullness means an Isomara has more energy to explore more and train longer and harder. G -  Goom  is poisonous to all creatures on the island. Just touching it to bare skin can causes irritable rashes and a burning sensation. Ingesting goom goo could wind up being deadly.gooGoo:  A slimy substance that comes in all sorts of colors. Gooms produce this and shoot it out of their mouths.  Goom: Fatty amphibian creatures that act as companions for Isomara. They can be great friends and even caretakers for ill Isos. Gooms have four round eyes and membrane sacks on their round blubbery bodies which hold their poisonous goo. Goom Infected: Small areas of the beach and a small island off the coast which have a teal hue to them. Goom infected areas have changed color due to the goo from gooms seeping into the ground. There are a couple small islands off the coast of the island which are owned by the gooms and no Isomara are allowed to live there or explore there without permission from the gooms. H - Hasha's Hut: A shop owned by Hasha, the witch doctor NPC, she sells a variety of strange items.   - Picture by SlayersStronghold Hunger: A meter to determine if an Isomara needs to eat or not. Hunger  less energy to explore and will not be as effective at exploring or train. haveranges from starving to peckish to satisfied to full. Hungry Isomara anwhile if an Isomara is satisfied or full it will not have any issues with training and can even train harder and explore longer. Hut: Homes which Isomara sometimes live in are called hut. They are normally made of wood, palm fronds, bamboo, and other plant material. I -  Isomara: semi-aquatic fluffy dragons with huge paws and fluffy manes. They have feathered wings and large rounded canines. They are sentient and tribal-like creature with the ability, to gather,fish, farm, make tools, and even tame fauna. Isoling: A child/baby Isomara. Isomara are considered Isolings until they reach the age of three (3). L -  Lion's Mane: Most Isomara cannot grow out their mane, but some gain the ability to. A Lion's mane is twice-three times the size of a normal neck mane and almost engulfs the entire head. It is also extremely fluffy. It's almost like having your own personal pillow. M -  Memic: A deadly raptor-bird. Memics gets their name from the instinctual way they mimic Isomara. Memics have razor sharp beaks, beady eyes, and claws on their wings. They will use their white saliva to paint their wings, tails, and other parts of their feathery body white to imitate and fool an Isomara.  Memora: [Unknown] Mystery Candy: An odd purple void-colored candy. No one knows who makes these and distributes them. All is known is that these mystery candies can range in tastes from sour to savory and can cause almost anything to happen. Be careful though these hard candies can be a choking hazard.  Mane: The fluffy fur around an Isomara's neck. As a child  an Isomara's mane is long enough to cover their whole body. Membrane: A protective transparent film that covers the goo pouches on gooms. These membranes cannot be broken easily, but are malleable enough for them to expand and contract when the pouches fill and deplete.  MYO: Make-Your-Own or MYO is a way for you to make your own design of a species. You can't make MYO's of certain species such as Isomara unless you have permission. You have to draw the design. N -  NPC: A Non-Player Character (NPC) is a character not owned and not solely controlled by any member of the game. However, Isomara-Island deviates from this definition as there are a few NPC's owned by staff. All of the NPC's in one way or another can be used by members though. P -  Pacings' Shop: Pacings' runs a general shop that buys and sell items gotten through explorations and also crafted items. Isomara can also request for Pacings to go out and find specific items for them.    - Picture by SlayersStronghold Patreon: A way for members and fans to help support Isomara Island ARPG by pledging a monthly fee in return for perks and rewards. Peckish: A word to describe a slightly hungry Isomara. Being peckish means an Isomara has less energy to explore more and training won't be as effective as it is slightly hungry.  R -  RP: RP stands for Role play. Role playing is the act of someone taking the role of another character, object, role and performing as that character. RP is most commonly done through live acting performances and collaborative story writing between two or more individuals. S -  Sand Dollar: An over-sized seashell that is very durable. They are rare on the Island and are often cherished for their smooth texture and pretty design. Sand Dollars have a variety of uses for Isomara.   is at a satisfied level hunger meterSatisfied: A word used to describe an Isomara that is not hungry nor full. Isomara whose have average explorations and normal stat boosts when training. Sclera: Scleras are the part of the eyeball that is normally white. Isomara are able to have scleras of many different colors, however, it is a rare trait. Very Dark Grey or Black scleras are also possible but are a species trait. Seashells: The common currency of the Island. Isomara use seashells to barter for items. Seashells come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are commonly found on the beach but are everywhere on the island except for in the mountains.  Skrill:  Small seawater dwelling creatures that normally reside in the darkness of the seafloor. It is a distant relative to shrimp and are always seen traveling in small to medium sized schools. Skrill feast upon plankton, kelp, other plant matter and also other skrill and shrimp. In fact, shrimp can no longer be found in the waters around the island as the large population of Skrill scared them away. Although small their large numbers can be a force to reckon with. Skrill are fully capable of nibbling at flesh and cause irritation to the skin.  They will use their beak to pinch and their horn to poke. Their blue bulbs are bio-luminescent. Stance: A word used to describe whether an Isomara grew up to walk upright on its back two legs or remained a quadruped into it's adulthood. Isomara whose stance is feral are quadruped and ones with an anthro stance walk upright on two legs.  term for an Isomara who is at its hungriest. Starving Isomara hungerStarving:  A have barely any energy to explore and training. Being starving renders an Isomara only able to carry and bring home a few items and their trainings don't add much to their stats.  Small winged IsomaraSwimmer: Isomara who grow up to have small wings. are labeled swimmers as they are more adept to the water. T - Tormuga: [Unknown] Trail: The mane of an Isomara grows longer only in the back and extends all the way down to the rump of the Isomara. Tumblr: A blog platform where Isomara Island posts art from the group to support it's members and the love for Isomara. Follow Isomara Island ARPG on Tumblr if you want to enjoy some beautiful art daily. Patreon  on the IsomaraIndex Twitter you can get incite to upcoming events, sales, and small fun facts. The Twitter only gives people a couple hour foresight to upcoming things accountTwitter: Similar to the unlike the Patreon which can give details and sneak peaks days ahead. W -   like an Isomara's wings, horns, teeth, claws, and mane are always white. Certain TraitsWhites: The whites of the Isomara are parts of an Isomara's body that is near always white. tails are also white such as the long tail and the undersides of the Tuft, Stub, Fan, and puff are always white too. The only time where the whites of fur would not be white is if the Isomara had the Dyed White species trait.