Beginner's Guide: Getting Started

Welcome to the Island!

"I'm Slayer, the tour guide, I am going to take you through the basic information of the ARPG such as my species (Isomara), and things you can do on the Island. My job is to broaden your knowledge, give advice, and answer any questions. Make sure to read this guide if you are ever in need of help or do not know what to do next. If you have any questions you want quickly answered head over to our support center. Be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions first though.

What are Isomara?

Isomara (Eye-so-mare-ah), or for short Isos, are semi-aquatic mammals with huge paws and manes and are often classified as dragons. They have feathered wings and large rounded canine teeth. They are sentient creatures with the ability to use tools, farm, herd, and even tame local fauna. They are tribal creatures who live rather simple lives. Isomara typically live in colonies which are not run by any individual but instead is formed and ran through the word of the wise. Typically older Isomara have a larger influence than younger, however, younger Isomara often get a large say in matters as they can bring forth new ideas into the society.

Isomara are the primary playable characters of the game. Aside from Isomara, there are other species on the island that members can own such as Gooms and Memora. These other species are referred to as companions and help give buffs and benefits to Isomara. Not all activities in this ARPG require an Isomara there are some games and activities which only companions can partake in.

General Isomara Species Resources:

Isomara Species Information

Isomara Species Trait Guide

The Main Island

Isomara make their home on a large Island away from any other bodies of land. The area of the island is roughly 490,000 squared miles (about 1,269,000 squared kilometers).
The island has no formal name, but smaller areas of land around the island sometimes do have names given to them. One smaller island of which is called Pelemoku and another Fross. One popular and important activity within the ARPG is exploration of the island and there is also voyaging an activity that challenges Isomara to roam outside the confines of their home island and into the vast unexplored world.

Other Useful Links:

Island Inhabitants - Learn about the other species that live on the island

How do I get started in the ARPG and get an Isomara?

Before seeking out a character understand that by signing up for an account and owning a character on this site that you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How to obtain an Isomara and other island inhabitants:

Adoptables - The sales page will have news of open adoptables soon as their live. All adopts are posted to the Isomara Island Patreon first (up to 3 days before public release). After at least 24hrs on Patreon then adoptable designs are uploaded to DeviantArt and onsite here. Pledging to the Patreon is the quickest way to spot adoptables early, otherwise watching SlayersStronghold on DeviantArt or any of the other Guest Artists' Socials is the next best option. Consider pledging to the Patreon for the ability to claim sales early, see sneak peaks, earn discounts, and earn other in-game rewards.

The Daycare - An orphanage run by NPCs, Carmen and Frio, at The Daycare you can adopt characters including Isomara, eggs, and MYO slots for in-game currency. There are also times where there will be free eggs and Isolings (child age Isomara).

User Tades & Sales - The masterlist advanced search has a Trading Status toggle to look through characters which are up for trade/sale by other players. You can also find other players selling and trading characters in the Advertisements channel of the Isomara Island Discord server.

MYO Slots - Are Make-Your-Own character slots that can be purchased using in-game currency. These slots are blank slates that allow you to design the character yourself. If looking to buy a MYO slot go to The Daycare. There are a lot of rules and guidelines to creating your own character from a MYO slot. To read over MYO slot details go here [WIP].

Additionally, there are some random events where you may have the ability to win an Isomara or other species character. These events can take the form of Draw-to-Adopts, raffles, and contests. Keep an eye on our news for events like these.

Are there things I can do in the game without needing an Isomara?

Yes, there are activities such as exploration and sometimes events that only companions can take part in or times where you can use NPCs [WIP] and community owned characters.

Thirsty for more knowledge?

Hatching Eggs - Read up about Isomara eggs and how to hatch them

Isoling Growth - Nurture your small Isomara into a fully capable adult ready to take on the world!

Special Traits - Additional traits that can be earned and change your character's appearance

Seashells - In-Game Currency

Seashells (also known as 'ss') are used for nearly all transactions and are used to purchase items, traits, and participate in some events and activities. Seashells can be earned through submitting artwork and written media about yours or someone else's Isomara Island characters. You can also trade items to other members and sell items from your inventory in return for seashells. Read up on all the ways to earn in-game Currency here

TIP: NPCs [WIP] are always available to be added into media for ss, no need to ask! Also, the Isomara and companion species of the month featured [WIP] grant bonus ss (The Isomara and comapanion species of the Month can always be found on the homepage).

Ways to retrieve bonus Seashells:

• Drawing the Isomara of the Month, NPCs [WIP], or Deus [TBD] the community Deustrum Isomara

Exploring various biomes on the island

• Participating in events, activities, and games

How getting seashells and items work:

Every time you submit a prompt, activity, or other work whether it be artwork or literature, you will receive an amount of ss you've earned for that submission. As well as items, if it is an exploration that you submitted. You can view the breakdown of how seashells are earned here.

Isomara Group Chat

Feel free to join our Discord group chat at any time, we encourage you to meet fellow community members and share in the fun.

What do I do next?

Once you feel you are ready you can jump right into activities and games. Most can be participated using NPCs [WIP] if you do not yet have a character yet.


These are fundamental activities of the game. Most of your time playing may be involved in these. They are great for new members to do!

- Begineer friendly activities - Advanced; recommended to have your own character and have done some beginner activities first

Exploration - Scavenge for items and encounter local fauna on the island

Stat Training - Increase Isomara's fight and flight to prepare them for later challenges

Voyaging - Venture outside the island in search of new discoveries; explore and reveal the world!

Crafting - Take your items and make them into new and more useful things

Prompt Pavilion - Slayer has some odd jobs she needs help with. Earn pearls that can be turned in at Darwin's Exchange Center

Classes & Experience - Specialize your Iso and level up their profession and gain perks

Isoling Club - Have your Isoling join up with friends and go on adventures

Taming Companions - Learn to nurture dangerous inhabitants of the island to become companions for your Isomara


Sink or Soar - Play a game of higher or lower with NPC, Aycorn, and earn seashells daily

Goom Races - Challenge one of Darwin's Goom companions to a race and win items and achievements

Companion Care Drops - Let's see what your Isomara's companion has left for them. How nice of them!

The Wishful Well - Have a wish or need some luck? Donate items or ss to help toward the next wish reward

Slayer's Substantiation - Test your Isomara knowledge and get in-game currency and items for answering correctly - Can only be done once per player

Submission Saturday - Upcoming Activity - Carmen is interested in what you've been working on! Submit work in progress art, craft, or literature to earn rewards

Dungeon Dash - Upcoming Activity - Test your Isomara's stats against waves of enemy encounters


The Isomara Event Calendar lists the annual events and activities. These activities are only available for a short time every year.

Memic Awareness Month - Memics come out of hibernation and are more active

Summer Shift - Yearly event around June/July typically revolves around a major change in the world/society/species

Hallows Eve - Yearly event in October filled with fun games, contests, and challenge


These mechanics of the game play a part in various activities.

Features of the Month - Randomly each month one Isomara and one companion species is featured in a journal and on the front page of Isomara-Island and IsomaraIndex. Members can include the featured Isomara and companions in any art or literature in return for extra seashells!

Achievements - Badges that an Isomara can earn. There are 49 total that can be earned and are displayed on official imports..Most give perks and bonuses to the Isomara

Hunger Mechanic - Learn about buffs and debuffs of feeding your Isomara

Inflictions & Ailments - Random occurrences that can cause debuffs to an Isomara, and sometimes can trigger sudden events