What is Isomara Island and an ARPG?

This Page is A Work in Progress!

A Fluffy Dragon's First Steps

    The first early concepts of Isomara began in June 2014. Fresh into college, Savannah Herr had begun diving into DeviantArt's adoptable communities. While the designs were appealing, Savy wanted more from the characters, a world to live in. Thus after searching around stumbled upon the first iterations of Art Roleplay Games (ARPGs). ARPGs were new and active communities of users taking the designs created and applying them to a world that developed the characters further. Drawings would be the medium to complete quests, change appearances, and develop the characters' personalities and bonds with others. The whole idea of growing your skills as an artist while also developing friendships and fictional characters was enticing. 

Slayer Outdated    Slayer, the Tour Guide NPC, and Savy's personal iso-sona was the first Isomara to be designed and then redesigned as the species and traits were being brainstormed and molded. The first iteration looked much different than how we know them today, but a series of eye-catching traits stayed into the next iteration of the Tour Guide and became standard for the rest of the species such as the fluffy cheeks and mane, which have become more prominent, the large paws and rounded claws, and overall dragon appearance.

    The first Isomara Island DeviantArt group was founded in late 2014, but ultimately closed in early 2015 and reopened under Isomara-Island. The goal of the new group was to brand itself as a more in-depth ARPG with community-driven world-building, new and interesting activities, games, prompts, and more to keep players entertained and driven to develop their Isomara's character and life.


Isomara Island Today

    Today the Isomara Island ARPG holds the same values of being a creative outlet to develop your artistic skills, build friendships, develop the world, and simply draw cute and colorful characters. Isomara are the primary species of the ARPG, but there are now many companions such as Gooms, Memoras, and Memics to name a few. Each species has a unique appearance and role to play on the island. 

    There are over 200 items to collect and use via feeding to your characters, crafting into new tools, designing outfits, and altering the appearance of your characters. The items and in-game currencies an be earned though a variety of activities, prompts, and events. 
    The world of Isomara may seem small as they originate on an island no more than 490,000 square miles in size, but you'll find that there is more to discover beyond the shores and we hope to see you and the rest of the community come together