SlayersStronghold | Savannah Herr

Creator, Owner, Frontend & Backend Developer,

Character Designer, Asset Artist, Writer

SirPacings | Dalton Ross

Assistant Backend Developer

Rubber Duck



saccharlnearpg - DeviantArt Group Moderator

solar-prince - DeviantArt Group Moderator


Users who have contributed in way that altered or added to the functionality, mechanics, and content of Isomara Island.

PeachKeeper - Previous DeviantArt Group Beta Tester

gavinom123 - Previous DeviantArt Group Beta Tester; Past Guest Artist

L1M1TL3SS - Previous DeviantArt Group Beta Tester; Provided name for Galiki Island

solar-prince - Previous DeviantArt Group Beta Tester; Guest Artist; Creator of original Memora species concepts & lore

Cocopet2 - Inspired creation of the Isoling Club

TaNa-Jo - Creator of original Kyti concepts & lore

na-ssh - Past Guest Artist

Lee-Coffee - Past Guest Artist

SirPacings - Past Guest Artist

Shakshun - Past Guest Artist

Nekoehh - Past Guest Artist; Original Tormuga concepts & lore

shastasaffor - Past Guest Artist; Creator of NPC Discord Emojis

Syllecia - Past Guest Artist; Advocate for updated Isoling base for users

saccharlnearpg - Past Guest Artist; Provided a suggestion that became the Spinal Split Trait

Dusk Primrose - Provided a suggestion that became the Crest Trait  

Thlyatara - Provided a Suggestion that inspired the Chameleon Trait

Mouse - Provided Suggestions which became Shears item and Spur Trait, respectively

Anarchisme - Provided a Suggestion that led to the addition of the Kiwano item

Lich-arpg - Provided a Suggestion for a new prompt, "Fashion Model"

EonIllustration - Provided a Suggestion that added the recipe to craft String from Coconut Husks

Pheasant-Anarchist - Advocate for more MYO upgrade options


Fans who have supported the development of Isomara Island through Patreon(Patreon) and on-site donations()! Join the others on this list by Supporting Us!

Aaron Hulsey Patreon

doppelganger Patreon

Inky Patreon



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