Isomara Island is an online Art Role Playing Game️ (ARPG). Members can create a character or adopt a premade one and complete prompts through drawings or written fiction to develop their characters, earn items and virtual currency, and shape the island's future.

Virtual pet site meets Art creation

Instead of typical pet sites or video games where quests, activities, and all other forms of gameplay are done through clicks and button presses, Isomara Island pushes players to develop their characters and complete activities through artwork and stories. This ARPG mixes the classic pet site gameplay with an on-site submission system for art and literature. Every single peice of art drawn and short adventure written will earn you in-game currency and other rewards depending on the activity and prompt.

Support Isomara Island to help fund the development

Every dollar sent goes right back into the development of the website and ARPG. Support the developers and artists continued efforts on this ARPG and in return receive in-game items, virtual currency, critters, and luxury of being at the front of the line to register using an Early Access Invitiation Key. Available support packages and tiers can be found further below.

The Species and World

The primary species of the ARPG, Isomara, are fluffy semi-aquatic dragons but are not the only playable characters here. Plenty of unique creatures and wildlife across the island and surrounding sea exist. Develop your character's personality and story by completing prompts, forming families, training their skills, and exploring the vast island and beyond. With plenty of activities, prompts to complete, items to collect, and characters to meet and more added regularly, there is much to explore and fun to be had!

Activities, Prompts & Games

Complete quests by NPCs, explore different biomes across the island, train up stats, and even go lurking for treasure in the cavernous territory of the Queen Memora. There are many activities for Isomara and their companions to do, and completing activities rewards currency that can be spent in shops and materials to craft new items, meals, equipment, and accessories.

Isomara can also enroll in a class in which you can level up by earning experience through activities. When your characters level up, they will gain exclusive class perks and skills, such as heightened item finding and an increased chance to succeed in enemy encounters.

Events will also occur that can tie in various activities and games. Events will often provide lore and context and change the island. Participate in events to have sway in the future of the ARPG..

Tier Packages

By supporting us you will also be able to claim in-game rewards and join our early access today.

    Gracious Goom · $5 USD

Have your name on the Credits page as one of the first supporters of Isomara Island. Gracious Goom supporters will also receive the Supporter Badge to display on their account profiles.

    Macho Memic · $10 USD

Your name in the Credits and the Supporter Badge; Macho Memic tier supporters also receive an Early Access Invitation Key, allowing you to register for an account on Isomara Island and be the begin playing today. An in-game Currency Bundle of 5 Sand Dollars and 500 Seashells will be added to your account once registered too!

    Turbulent Titan · $20 USD

Supporters of this tier receive their name in the Credits, the Supporter Badge, an Early Access Invitation Key, an in-game Currency Bundle, the Nightfall Variant - Cloud Hopper critter, and a Queens Conch. The Queens Conch is an in-game item that can be used to adopt one character for free from The Daycare.

    Dazzling Deustrum · $49 USD

Be rewarded with everything a Turbulent Titan receives along with a Legendary Fruit Bundle (2 Dragon Fruit & 2 Star Fruit), a Shop Coupon Bundle (one coupon item for Pacings' Shop, Hasha's Hut, Thyme's Taming Tavern, and Charlotte's Iron Emporium), and another critter the legendary Invader Variant - Cloud Hopper

Supporter Tiers 5 USD 10 USD 20 USD 49 USD
Name in Credits
Supporter Badge
Currency Bundle
Early Access Invitation Key
Cloud Hopper - Nightfall Variant Critter
Queens Conch Item
Legendary Fruit Item Bundle
Shop Coupon Item Bundle
Cloud Hopper - Invader Variant Critter

All Sales are final. There are absolutely no refunds.
You must have parental permission or be 18 or over to make a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will the Supporter tier be available for?

A. Supporter tiers will remain available up through 2024. We will provide an update months prior to if we decide on a date to close supporter tier availability.

Q. Can I upgrade my tier later?

A. Yes, if you would like to purchase a higher tier, send an email to, and we can invoice you the difference in cost.

Q. How can I buy a supporter tier for a friend/ multiple tiers?

A. Checkout as normal and send an email to letting us know what tiers and how many you purchased. Note we may need additional information to ensure you/friends receive their rewards and invite keys.

Q. When will I receive my supporter rewards?

A. Rewards are granted once you have a verified account on Those who buy a Macho Memic, Turbulent Titan, or Dazzling Deustrum supporter tier will be able to make an account the same day. Those tiers will be receiving an invite key to sign-up through their email. For all those who purchased the Gracious Gooms supporter tier they will need to wait until open registration to make an account and receive their Supporter badge.

Q. When is open registration?

A. The first round of Early Access will be limited to those who support us via the $10+ tiers above. Limited Early Access is expected to last at least a few months. We do not have a set date for when registration will be available to all. Keep an eye out for update via our Twitter and Discord.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please email us at or toss us a message on Twitter.