Island Exploration

What is Exploration?

Exploration is the act of searching the island for items.
By exploring a biome you find items which you can use to eat, trade, sell, and craft into new things.

How Does it Work?

Create a drawing or write a story about your Isomara exploring a biome. Using this picture as an example. Slayer is drawn exploring the beach biome. When drawing an exploration picture there needs to be a background to show what biome is being explored. One thing you see in the picture above is Slayer holding a Coconut. Although Slayer is drawn with one this does not mean they will find one automatically upon exploring. Items and their amounts found during an exploration are randomly rolled.
Also note that Isolings cannot explore alone! An Isoling needs to be with at least one adult Isomara when exploring. Even if you draw multiple Isolings in an exploration there needs to be at least one adult. Feel free to use any NPC if you do not own an adult Isomara. The one exception to this is if your Isoling is apart of a team in the Isoling Club. The items you find are randomly generated by a hand-coded item generator made by SirPacings. The generator will pop out what items you find as well as how many of each item. The items in each biome have rarities, so some are more commonly found than others. This means you may have to do multiple explorations in one biome to find all the items you want. This generator is solely for the staff. IsomaraIndex will be the one to comment on your art and literature with the items you find after your deviations are submitted into the group. Item rolls may take a few days to process and be commented onto your explorations.

Color and Shading is not required, but the Isomara and biome need to be identifiable. Literature is always allowed, but for explorations literature needs to be at least 400 words long.

What can I do with The Item I get from exploration?

The items you find on your explorations can be used to craft various other items to benefit your Isomara and companions. You can also trade items with other members as well as the shopkeeper NPC, Pacings, he will gladly trade items you have for other items. As well as trading you can sell items for seashells.
The main focus on these items is for your Isomara to own materials to use in the creation of other items and accessories to use in the ARPG. The items you find may also be important for events.
One of the core uses for some items is to keep your Isomara(s) well fed. Some items can be used as food and will raise your Isomara's hunger.

Where can I Explore?

This is the map to Isomara-Island and the biomes listed in the key are where you can explore in (Iso Villages are not biomes). You can explore any where on the island except there are two areas which are needed to be unlocked.
To explore the Goom Infected islands off the coast your Isomara will need to have Ally of Goo achievement. Also, look out for events which some will grant all Isomara access to the goom infected biome. Gooms mainly live there and to keep their ecosystem stable. Isomara are unable to live in Goom Infected biomes. Any who try will be attacked by Gooms relentlessly. The island of Pelemoku appeared during an event and an Isomara will need the Island Hopper achievement to explore in that biome.

When submitting an exploration to @Isomara-Island make sure to fill out this form in the image/story deviation description. Form: Location: [Biome] Isomara: [List all Isos and NPCs] Companions: [List all if any present] List of Items Found in Each Biome: Beach Rarity:COMMON Rarity:UNCOMMON Rarity:RARE Ocean Rarity:COMMON Rarity:UNCOMMON Rarity:RARE Forest Rarity:COMMON Rarity:UNCOMMON Rarity:RARE Jungle Rarity:COMMON Rarity:UNCOMMON Rarity:RARE Mountain Rarity:COMMON Rarity:UNCOMMON Rarity:RARE Desert Rarity:COMMON Rarity:UNCOMMON Rarity:RARE Snow Rarity:COMMON Rarity:UNCOMMON Rarity:RARE Coral Reef Rarity:COMMON Rarity:UNCOMMON Rarity:RARE Goom InfectedThe Goom infected area is a small island off the coast that is inhabited by gooms. The sand is an unnatural light teal color due to the goo; the vegetation also has a slight teal hue.Isomara may only explore here if they have gotten the Ally of Gooachievement or during some events. Rarity:COMMON Rarity:UNCOMMON Rarity:RARE PelemokuIsomara may only explore here if they have gotten theIsland Hopperachievement. Rarity:COMMON Rarity:UNCOMMON Rarity:RARE Rarity:LEGENDARY Nearly all biomes have small and varying chances to find these items as well as Isomara eggs! Other Item Drops There are some items which only Isomara with certain qualifications (such as class, equipment, or achievements) can locate while exploring. Pacings, for instance, can find all the Gatherer Class perk drop items below as gatherers have keen eyes for locating hard see items and catching slippery prey. Scurvy Slayerallows an Isomara to find lemons and oranges without needing to be a Gatherer. An Isomara equipped with aJaris able to find and collectVenom. Gatherer Class Perk Drops Rarity:COMMON Rarity:UNCOMMON Rarity: RARE