Swirling Winds & Strange Howls [Part 2]

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Bring on the Carnival Questline Part 2 - Swirling Winds & Strange Howls


     Many Isomara showed up to volunteer in the investigation. Some kept an eye from the sky, while others scoured the grounds for clues. Thyme gathers everyone back into the center of the under-construction carnival. "Thanks to everyone's efforts and assistance, we might have a lead on the strange lightning strikes causing the carnival plans to stall." His words were stern, and the Isomara around him showed excitement at what they had just heard. 

     "While no lightning was seen in the last few nights, one duo of Isomara and their companions reported hearing howling in the area. The howling was mentioned to be louder during nights of strong winds." Murmurs around the circle commenced. Some could be heard.

'Well, of course, howling is heard during the wind. This is what wind does!' shouted one Isomara. 

'I bet it was one of us here just fooling around.' said an older Isomara with a scoff.

     Thymes ears twitched upon hearing these sudden spoken thoughts and added, "No matter the cause, we will find it. I will keep a closer eye on things the next couple of days, even... if it means losing my beauty sleep." His voice got quieter as he said that, almost as if he regretted making the self-promise as soon as the words left his mouth. He gulps in some air and returns to his previous composure. "Some animals might be making a ruckus during these windy nights. We will set up the stalls again, as well as some traps. Can all of you help us gather the materials to rebuild the broken stalls and also help in laying the traps?"

This part has two solutions. You may pick either one:

  1. Supply x5 Wood or Driftwood (Can be a combination), x13 Sticks, x1 Cloth or Fabric, x1 Simple Dye, x3 String or x2 Vines, and x18 Rocks
  2. Include a drawing or story about setting traps or helping build the carnival game booths/ stalls. It must also include Thyme.

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Currency & Item Rewards
Reward Amount
Mochi 5
Kiwi Daifuku 1
Seashells 100

Stat & Class Rewards
0 character EXP
3 character points
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