Iso-Island Update 6.4.6

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Past Update Journal: Iso-Island 6.4.5
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Weekly updates will become more frequent as we continue to work on the website.

  • Website updates, changes, and fixes are from the previous seven days and have already been applied to the site.
  • DeviantArt Group updates, changes, and fixes will take effect and go live soon after this post is live (All of these have already gone live on the website version unless specified)
Upcoming Staff Vacation

All Isomara Island ARPG staff will be on vacation from August 21st to September 4th. During that time, there will be no weekly updates. Reports, Submissions, and Claims queue processing will resume on August 30th.

Website Updates


Prompt Pavilion

  • Prompt Pavilion Page Draft has been launched*
    • This page contains quick links to different prompts, categories, and the featured prompt, and this page will be updated as we add more prompts
    • *Images have yet to be added/ placeholders replaced
  • Ported the remaining four legacy prompts from the DeviantArt version of the ARPG
    • #9 Tale - Sharing Stories word count has been reduced from 700 to 600
    • #10 Collection - Surf n Turf does not have the +100 HP reward and instead has been replaced with a Leftovers loot table where you can receive some leftover edible items from the feast
    • #12 Survey - Fashion Model added reward of x1 Finery Token
  • Daily NPC Request
    • Every day a different NPC will have an item request. In return, they will give a small bundle of seashells. The amount of seashells in this bundle is random. You may receive 10 Seashells at the minimum and up to 100 Seashells for the small bundle.

New Scavenger Hunt

  • Similar to # An Odd Request Scavenger Hunt, legacy prompt #10 - Surf n Turf Time is partially tied to a hunt where members can search around the site to retrieve the necessary items for the feast or instead can use the items retrieved from the normal play of explorations, voyages, and other activities/games within the ARPG
    • NOTE: The newest scavenger hunt targets have not been placed on the site. We will announce on our Discord server and Twitter when this scavenger hunt is fully live to play.
  • Temporarily made the crafting link under the activities dropdown on the nav bar go directly to the Crafting Knowledge list while the introduction to crafting page is under construction.
  • Fine Fisherman Achievement has been changed to a user badge from a character achievement.
  • Updated Prompt Categories
    • We have clumped the original prompt categories (Tale, Delivery, Gather, Collection, Escort, and Survey) into one category, Legacy. The original 12 prompts from the DeviantArt version of the ARPG are all listed under Legacy Prompts.
  • Incorrect seashell earning for Art Finishes. Sketches were given 0.5 instead of 1 Seashells, Clean Lines/Lineless was 2 instead of 3 Seashells, and Painted 4 instead of 5 Seashells
  • The Prompt Pavilion link under the activities nav bar dropdown now appropriately goes to the new Prompt Pavilion page.
  • Added +5 Seashells when including a Companion of the Month species when submitting art/lit to the gallery
  • Added small text on the homepage mentioning the ss bonus when including IOM or COM
  • Updated backend code of Companion Species of the Month to change monthly (on the 1st)
  • Updated Prompt of the Month on the homepage. The prompt was changed, and we also updated the code in the backend, so now the prompt of the month will change monthly (on the 1st)

DeviantArt Group Updates


Activity Game Closures

As mentioned in the Dev Roadmap & Group Activity Closures News, some features of the DeviantArt version of the ARPG have now officially closed.

  • As of July 30th, prompt #7 Collection - An Odd Request can no longer be completed on the DeviantArt version of the Prompt Pavilion. This prompt and the scavenger hunt is available on-site.
  • As of August 6th, ARPG Import Uploads are no longer supported. If you purchase an adoptable after this date and want to participate in the ARPG, you will need to be a member of the Isomara Island Official Site and submit a claim to have the character ported to the master list and be useable in either version of the ARPG (DeviantArt or
Upcoming Closures
  • Sunday - September 3rd - Visual Import Updates
    • After September 3rd, we will not take any more requests to update the visual master list imports on the IsomaraIndex account. Staff does not have the time to make alterations to the visual, save, and update. We previously and will continue storing the .psds and .pngs of these import images but will not make any new changes.


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