Iso-Island Update 6.4.5

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Past Update Journal: Iso-Island 6.4.4
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Weekly updates will become more frequent as we continue to work on the website.

  • Website updates, changes, and fixes are from the previous seven days and have already been applied to the site.
  • DeviantArt Group updates, changes, and fixes will take effect and go live soon after this post is live (All of these have already gone live on the website version unless specified)
Upcoming Staff Vacation

All Isomara Island ARPG staff will be on vacation from August 21st to September 4th. During that time, there will be no weekly updates. Reports, Submissions, and Claims queue processing will resume on August 30th.

Website Updates

  • Seashell Reward Calculations have been reviewed and updated. When submitting a piece to the gallery, there is a seashell reward section (as depicted on the right) users fill out to redeem in-game currency for their work. The currency earned has changed, and more in-depth fields have been added.
    • Added Art Finish section, which includes Sketch for 1 Seashells, Clean Lines/Lineless for 3 Seashells, and Painted for 5 Seashells
    • Added Headshot for 4 Seashells
    • Full Body Chibi for 15 Seashells (Chibi refers to more cartoony/anatomically incorrect or simplified features and details)
    • Increased Large Companion inclusion from 5 Seashells to 10 Seashells each
    • Increased Small Companion inclusion from 3 Seashells to 5 Seashells each
    • Added Prompt Activity for 5 Seashells
    • Implemented a new word count equation; previously, we didn't have a solid equation to calculate the number of words to seashell reward. Instead, a rudimentary tier system was in place where if you submitted at least a certain word count, you would receive a set amount of seashells. With the old tier system, we found that users were not getting enough seashells with longer stories. We have alleviated this dilemma, but note shorter stories seashell conversation rates have been nerfed slightly. We firmly believe this is fairer to the users and better for the economy. Here are some examples using the new equation along with the closest estimate from our old currency reward conversion:
      • 250 words = 17 Seashells (Old: 200+ words = 15 Seashells)
      • 400 words = 23 Seashells (Old: 400+ words = 35 Seashells)
      • 1000 words = 87 Seashells (Old: 1,000+ words = 95 Seashells)
      • 1450 words = 177 Seashells (Old: 1500+ words = 145 Seashells)
      • 2050 words = 353 Seashells (Old: 2,000+ words = 200 Seashells)
      • 2200 words = 407 Seashells (Old: 2,200+ words = 220 Seashells)
      • Note: Literature still receives seashells for activity bonus, including the Isomara of the month, and NPCs, along with the word count rate.
  • Community NPC Deus (D-0001) has been uploaded to the site
    • Any gallery submissions with her have been updated to have them tagged appropriately
  • Added image emblems to the Supporters of the Credits page to better indicate if a user was a previous/current Patreon supporter and/or has supported the Early Access launch directly
  • Fixed incorrect seashell earnings in gallery submissions
  • Fixed inconsistencies with some URL naming conventions
  • Updated various incorrect naming schemes on the sidebar with proper terms
  • Shrunk shop coupon messages to avoid overlapping with other floating assets
  • Resolved 404 error when selecting view all accessories from a user's profile
  • Fixed 500 error when trying to view details of a claim
  • Fixed 500 error when viewing the detailed log of a submission

DeviantArt Group Updates


Activity Game Closures

As mentioned in the Dev Roadmap & Group Activity Closures News, some DA versions of activities/games will be sunset in the near future.

Upcoming Closures
  • Sunday - July 30th - Insect Hunt
    • #7 Collection Prompt - An Odd Request tips members to look for at least 5 insects around the group to grab 4-digit codes. The codes would be turned in for the prompt rewards. The 4-digit codes would be updated every time someone completes this prompt as well as the insects may move locations too. Since one person could complete this prompt per Isomara, staff would update these codes often. We have decided to retire this prompt. This prompt and the scavenger hunt is available on-site.
  • Sunday - August 6th - ARPG Import Uploads
  • The in-Game Currency rewards journal has been updated to match the on-site seashell rates.
    • Including multiple Isomara for +15ss in stories has been removed since the word count formula has been reworked.


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