Iso-Island Update 6.4.8

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Past Update Journal: Iso-Island 6.4.7
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Updates will become more sparse as the holidays roll around. This update contains updates, changes, and fixes from the previous month that have already been applied to the site.

  • DeviantArt Group updates, changes, and fixes will take effect and go live soon after this post is live (All of these have already gone live on unless specified)
Upcoming Staff Vacations

All Isomara Island ARPG staff will be on vacation on the following dates. There will be no updates during this time, and all reports, submissions, and claims in the queue will be on hold during these times:

  • December 7th - December 14th
  • December 24th - December 26th
  • December 31st, 2023 - January 2nd, 2024

Website Updates


Loot Table Reward Fairness

  • Many games and activity rewards are rolled from loot tables, and we know unlucky streaks can be annoying, so we have enabled guaranteed loot drops for some loot tables to avoid cases of incredible unlucky reward streaks.
  • This feature works where rewards with low drop rates on loot tables will certainly drop after a set number of rolls to avoid unlucky streaks. For example, an item with an expected 10% (1 in 10) roll drop chance will guaranteed to drop on the 20th roll (this is an example and does not represent any specific loot table drop chance in the game).
  • At this time, the only loot table rolls that have this in place are the wishing well, legendary items via exploration, and some special trait-related loot tables such as the Radiant trait, where there is a slight chance to earn it by consuming ectoplasm and the Dyed Maw (Achromatic) trait that can be acquired by consuming ink.

Character Lineage & Relations

  • Character family trees have been expanded upon and can now list siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. You can find two new links on the sidebar labeled Lineage and Relations. The new lineage page displays all known ancestors and descendants of your character, while the new relatives page will display any siblings, niblings, auncles, and cousins.
  • Renamed the lineage tab to Relations on character profiles
  • Added images to the lineage tree on character profiles (previously only displayed names)
  • Added list of children to relations tab of character profiles (previously non-functional)

Art / Literature Gallery

  • Added a button to view all recent gallery submissions on the top-right-hand side of the gallery as well as in the sidebar
  • We have added a recent gallery section on each character and user profile near the bottom to promote and show off user submissions.
    • The gallery section on a user's profile will only display that user's recent submissions.
    • The gallery section on a character's profile will only display submissions that include the character.
    • These sections will not be visible until the user/character has at least one thing to show in the gallery.

Equipment / Accessory Items Classifications

  • All equipment and accessories were incorrectly categorized as everyday items. Due to this, users could not attach them to characters, and thus, their uses and abilities would not take effect. We have corrected this issue, and if you owned any equipment or accessories in your inventory, they have been removed and replaced with their properly categorized counterpart.
  • Charm items have been appropriately classified as Accessories. Charm items have been removed from all user inventories and replaced with Charm accessories. You can now correctly equip these charms to your characters.
  • Equipment and Accessories were listed twice in some shops. Some equipment and accessories were labeled as an item in the game with equipment/accessories as a category name. All of these items have been adequately converted. If you owned any of these items, you should have received a notification of the items being removed from your inventory and a notification of staff granting you the new version. You can now also equip your characters with these equipment and accessories!
  • Removed duplicate items being listed in Pacings' Shop
  • The equipment box on user profiles now only shows equipment (used to include accessories)
  • The accessory box on user profiles now shows owned accessories
  • View Achievement Logs on Character Profiles no longer leads to a 404
  • Fixed missing badge images on user profiles. Also fixed the issue where badges would scale incorrectly
  • Minor formatting adjustments on profile pages
  • Removed duplicate backend settings
  • Updated some incorrect text strings
  • Removed some unintended links in the nav bar
  • Removed the lingering mochi/daifuku scavenger hunt targets, as this ended early this month
  • Resolved issue where staff were unable to remove currency from users
  • Increased image size of critters, equipment, and accessory images on character profiles
  • Fixed the name of the critter not correctly displaying underneath the critter image
  • Fixed character design updates not being functional
  • Fixed issue where users could not login via alternate logins
  • Fixed incorrect URLs being linked in some site notifications
  • Fought back the ever-encroaching achievement basket on character profiles
Known Bugs

These are issues that have been reported by players or noted by staff and have not been resolved yet but are on our radar.

  • Isomara of the Month will sometimes display a companion species
    • Low priority bug: staff will manually roll an Isomara if the site pulls a non-Isomara species for the IOM for the time being
  • Some item's information displays shops that they cannot be purchased at [Fixed in 6.4.9]

DeviantArt Group Updates

Activity Game Closures

As mentioned in a previous update, some features of the DeviantArt version of the ARPG have now officially closed.

  • Sunday - November 26th - The Daycare
    • The Daycare is now closed. The Daycare was often used to sell new isolings, eggs, and companions at low prices. The onsite Daycare is now primarily a rehoming service for those who want to donate their character back to the game for other users to adopt with in-game currency.
Upcoming Closures
  • Sunday - December 3rd - Achievement Turn-In
    • After this date, we will no longer accept turn-in comments and add achievements to Isomara profiles on the IsomaraIndex account. We used to display five achievement images on each import page and then list the rest. We have experienced issues with the thumbnails disappearing and cannot always confirm which achievements an Isomara had if they earned it far in the past. Users can submit a claim on-site with a link to proof on DeviantArt if their character has earned an achievement they do not have on their masterlist page.


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