Iso-Island Update 6.4.7

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Past Update Journal: Iso-Island 6.4.6
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Updates will become more sparse as the holidays roll around. This update contains updates, changes, and fixes from the previous month that have already been applied to the site.

  • DeviantArt Group updates, changes, and fixes will take effect and go live soon after this post is live (All of these have already gone live on unless specified)
Upcoming Staff Vacations

All Isomara Island ARPG staff will be on vacation on the following dates. There will be no updates during this time, and all reports, submissions, and claims in the queue will be on hold during these times:

  • November 16th - November 20th
  • November 23rd
  • December 7th - December 14th
  • December 24th - December 26th

Website Updates


Prompt Pavilion

New Items

  1. Kiwi Daifuku
  2. Mango Daifuku
  3. Mixed Berry Daifuku
  4. Paw Charm
  5. Hallows Gift Bundle
  6. Spooky Cowry Shell
  7. Strange Beans
  8. Carrot Chips
  9. Queen's Conch
  10. Sand Dollar
    • Added item versions of the Queen's Conch and Sand Dollar
    • Due to current limitations with shops, we cannot make a currency act as an item and vice versa. If you receive a Queen's Conch (item) or Sand Dollar (item), you can sell it from your inventory for the currency version of the item. The item version will not have any use in the game, so we encourage people to sell these item versions once they have one.
  • Daily NPC Item Request
    • Increased the minimum seashell reward from 10 Seashells to 20 Seashells when delivering a wanted item
    • Increased the maximum seashell reward from 100 Seashells to 150 Seashells when delivering a wanted item
  • Exploration Activity
    • Increased minimum amount of seashells that can be found in the snow biome
    • Increased maximum amount of tall grass able to be found in the infected biome
    • Increased maximum amount of seashells able to be found in the desert biome
    • Increased minimum and maximum amount of moss able to be found in the snow biome
    • Added vines to Goom Infected biome exploration loot pools; vines are an uncommon find
    • Moved sticks from an uncommon drop to a common drop when exploring the Goom Infected biome
    • Removed chance of Dehydration ailment when exploring jungle biome
    • Added chance of bee sting ailment when exploring forest, jungle, or Goom Infected biomes
    • Added chance of joint pain ailment when exploring the mountain biome
    • Reduced the chance of Sunburn, splinters, and critter bite ailments when exploring the desert biome
    • Slightly increased chance of dehydration when exploring the desert biome
  • Miscellaneous Website Formatting Tweaks
    • Minor format edits to the way prompts are displayed
    • Added some quick links and daily game links to the account page
    • Added submit art/literature to gallery quick link under "submit" on the navigation bar when logged in
    • Added all carnival games to the Games dropdown on the nav bar
  • Unbolded some header fonts to increase readability
  • NPC page url directs are functioning (pages remain mostly vacant for now)
  • Added item art for Skrill, Jumbo Skrill, Crab, and Clam items
  • Changed font size of critter and companion names on character pages
  • Fixed a bug where only two instead of three of the most recent adopts were visible on the homepage
  • Fixed 404 error when attempting to view user awards
  • Fixed overly large images on the account page and encyclopedia page
  • An issue where multiple critters on a characters page would not line up neatly in a row
  • Fixed a discrepancy in how seashells awards for literature gallery submissions were calculated (Everyone who has submitted a literature piece to a gallery has been given the proper amount of seashells)
Known Bugs

These are issues that have been reported by players or noted by staff and have not been resolved yet but are on our radar.

  • Isomara of the Month will sometimes display a companion species
    • Low priority bug, staff will manually roll an Isomara if the site pulls a non-Isomara species for the IOM
  • Equipment is listed twice in some shops, such as Charlotte's Iron Emporium [Fixed in 6.4.8]
    • Some equipment is still labeled as an item in the game with equipment as a category name. Converting the equipment items to proper equipment is a lower priority but will happen before the end of the year
  • Some item's information displays shops that they cannot be purchased at [Fixed in 6.4.8]

DeviantArt Group Updates

Upcoming Closures
  • Sunday - November 26th - The Daycare
    • The Daycare will be closing and no longer have new Isolings and companions available for adoption. The Daycare was often used to sell new isolings, eggs, and companions at low prices. The onsite Daycare is now primarily a rehoming service for those who want to donate their character back to the game for other users to adopt with in-game currency.
  • Sunday - December 3rd - Achievement Turn-In
    • After this date, we will no longer be accepting turn-in comments and adding achievements to Isomara profiles on the IsomaraIndex account. We used to display five of the achievement images on each import page and then list the rest. We have experienced issues with the thumbnails disappearing and cannot always confirm which achievements an Isomara had if they earned it far in the past. Users can submit a claim on-site with a link to proof on DeviantArt if their character has earned an achievement they do not have on their masterlist page.


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