Iso-Island Update 6.4.3

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Past Update Journal: Iso-Island 6.4.2
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Weekly updates will become more frequent as we continue to work on the website.

  • Website updates, changes, and fixes are from the previous seven days and have already been applied to the site.
  • DeviantArt Group updates, changes, and fixes will take effect and go live soon after this post is live (All of these have already gone live on the website version unless specified)

Website Updates

  • The training page has been ported over
    • This is a rough draft, and we will be reviewing this page over the next week to ensure the text is clear and concise. Some images are missing or are placeholders for now.
  • Added an advisory note to both the Queen's Cache and Tide Pools to better avoid known issues while these issues are being worked on.
    • "To avoid any issue, do not pilfer/fish from the Queen's Cache/Tide Pools while fishing/pilfering from the Tide Pools/Queen's Cache. Claim your reward before attempting to roll from the other, else stamina may be wasted, and rewards lost."
  • Added a new News bell icon next to the player avatar and username on the navigation bar (We clearly want you all to know when there is new news!)
  • Minor formatting tweaks with the recent News and Sales content on the home page
  • Updated Early Access content info displayed on the home page
  • Wishful Well cooldown has been increased from 5 days to 7 days
    • Cooldown has been refreshed
  • Fight and Flight stat cap of 500 each have been removed (The 500 cap will remain in the DA version)
  • Cleaned up formatting and slight visuals tweaks to shop pages
  • Removed Twitter Timeline from the home page
  • Coupon items can now be traded between users
  • Added missing Prawn tail trait
  • Resolved issue tossing seashells into the Wishful Well
  • Recent character sales on the home page now properly display character thumbnails

DeviantArt Group Updates


Activity Game Closures

As mentioned in the Dev Roadmap & Group Activity Closures News, some activities have now officially closed

  • As of July 8th, the DeviantArt version of the Queen's Cache and Tide Pools have officially closed but can still be played on-site
Upcoming Closures
  • Leaf Coupon no longer only discounts special items and can now be used to purchase any 1 item from Pacings' Shop for free (Is now aligned with the site version of the item)


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