Taming Companions

Some Island Inhabitants are not the kindest and easiest to become acquainted with, but that is not stopping some Isomara. Although still referring to these island creatures as companions, they are more thought of as domesticated foes. Whether they be the predatory Memics or the elusive Memoras, Isomara will try to form a partnership with these normally unfriendly creatures.

To tame certain companions they must go through a process of domestication. The companions must be taught how to behave in and around Isomara society without them being a threat. To do so Isomara must go through rigorous acts to befriend them and gain their trust.

Each potential companion needs to go through a set number of prompts with an Isomara before they can become official companions with any. Scroll down to view the prompts for each individual companion.

  • Art must be colored full bodies (at least 75% of the Isomara and companion showing). Shading and backgrounds are optional.
  • Literature must be at least 250 words long per prompt.
  • Companion Taming cannot double as any other activity/event
  • You may only do companion taming with companions you own but, you may use any Isomara or NPC for any prompt
  • You may "double dip" and use up to two tamable companions per image/story. One Isomara can tame two companions at a time.

Memic Taming