[Carnival2] Bring on the Carnival Pt 2

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Thyme had once again gathered the Isomara involved in the investigation. As it turned out, there were no further lightning strikes since everyone had been on watch, instead howling had been heard during the strong winds. Thyme vowed to stay on the case and get to the bottom of things, asking for more volunteers to help repair the broken stalls and set up traps, suspecting it might be some sort of animal. Horacio wasn’t sure what to think, but he was determined to see the carnival come to life and if that meant helping out some more, so be it—although he really hoped that it wouldn’t mean too much work… 

Everyone dispersed after the call for help to fix up the place, each Isomara wandering off to find supplies. Horacio didn’t really have any supplies to fetch, so he wasn’t sure where to start. 

“You look a bit lost, how about helping me set traps?” 

Horacio looked up to see Thyme speaking with him. “Uh, sure.” 

“This way.” Thyme gestured to follow him. “I have a few supplies which we can use to build some traps. I only hope that the lack of sleep will be worth it.” 

Trotting after him, Horacio flapped his wings. “It will be if we finally get the carnival up and running. I’ve been looking forward to playing the games and eating the food.” His mouth watered at the thought of the wondrous carnival treats. 

“I am determined to see this through, as I’m sure many are,” Thyme agreed. He stopped by a pile of wood and string. “I’m sure that we can put this to good use. Have you ever set up a trap before?” 

“Nope. But can't be that hard, right?” 

“No,” Thyme turned back to the supplies, “it is quite simple. Would you like a demonstration on how to make one?” 

“Nah,” Horacio waved off the help with a confident grin. “I've got this.” 

“If you're sure?” Thyme replied hesitantly. 

“Absolutely. Consider that critter as good as caught.” 

Thyme shot him a doubtful look, but left him to it. Thus, Horacio got to work with his usual wreckless flare and very little actual thought. He gathered the sticks and lashed them together, tying and adding, until a shape started to take form, one only somewhat resembling a box. 

When he was done, Horacio looked proudly upon his creation. An excessive amount of string tied the sticks together. The whole thing was misshapen and had a few too many sticks that didn’t line up properly, several of which poked out (perfect for helping carry it, Horacio argued). Thyme merely looked upon it and tried to hide his disappointment. 

“It will do,” he said, “Be sure to set it up somewhere out of the way.” He lowered his voice to mutter under his breath, “Hopefully very far out of the way.” 

Horacio did not hear, happily picking up his trap and wandering off to set it where it might catch whatever was causing all the trouble.

[Carnival2] Bring on the Carnival Pt 2
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In Events ・ By Violetwind

A trap is made, though, perhaps not well.

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